Production requirements are satisfied with a wide range of precision CNC equipment. CNC lathes and high production screw machines provide the turning capacity to handle any size range from the smallest to the largest parts. 

We can perform Hot Upset Forging thru 2″ diameter on our Etchells or National Presses and as small as 1/4″ on our 100-ton press.

Threading can be performed by cold rolling, cut threading, or CNC single point turning.

Centerless grinding equipment rounds out any precision diameter requirements you may have. We have milling and boring equipment that complement those same capacities. 

Secondary operations such as slotting, drilling, broaching, honing, and threading can be handled by a wide array of equipment and experienced operators.



  • Mazak- QT 200 S

  • Mazak- QT Smart 100S

  • Mazak- Nexus 100 II M w/bar feeder

  • Mazak- QT 200 

  • Mazak- QT-30 (2) 

  • Mazak- QT-20

  • Mazak- QT-20 H-P (3)

  • Mazak- QT 6T

  • Mazak- QT 250

  • Mazak – QT 15N (2)

  • Mazak- QT 15 w/bar feeder

  • Mazak- QT 10 ATC – w/T3 Control

  • Mazak QT8 w/bar feeder


  • Haas- VF2 w/HA5C

  • Haas- VF4 w/HRT 210


  • Agie Charmille- FO350S- CNC Controlled w/Affinity Chiller
  • Glox -ARD Type 30- Manual 
  • Drillmate- SMDS 3522- Small hole-Manual


  • Micro Vu- Video Comparator

  • Micro Vu- Optical Comparator

  • Including a wide variety of Gages, Calipers and Micrometers

  • Temperature controlled Inspection room


  • Cosen- Bandsaw

  • Amada- Bandsaw

  • Geo Schmidt- Marking Stylus

  • LeBlonc- Manual Lathe

  • W&S HSQ- Manual Turret Lathe

  • Bridgeport- Manual Mills (4) 

  • CAD/CAM Software

  • Manganese Phosphate Coating
    Manganese Phosphate Coating

    Manganese Phosphate Coating per MIL-DTL-16232G is a key component of our business and the only type of phosphate coating we perform.

  • Dry Film Lubricant Application
    Dry Film Lubricant Application

    We can apply water or solvent based lubricants by manual or robotic spraying, working to specification MIL-PRF-46010H, AS5272 and others.

  • Waterjet Cutting
    Waterjet Cutting

    Our state-of-the-art Omax Waterjet cutting system is able to handle a wide range of materials, ranging from plastics to steel, 2.5” thick in sheets as large as 25” by 50”. Our Tilt-A-Jet attachment virtually eliminates taper.

  • Abrasive Blasting & Metal Finishing
    Abrasive Blasting & Metal Finishing

    We offer abrasive blasting and metal finishing, as part of the phosphate coating process, dry film lubricant process or as a stand-alone service.

  • Passivation

    Our fully automated line ensures every part is computer controlled to constantly maintain process parameters.

  • Custom Aerospace Brackets
    Custom Aerospace Brackets

    We can manufacture your brackets to print using our Waterjet cutting, CNC Milling and custom bending equipment. We can work with exotic materials and hold most tolerances to within +/- 0.003 of an inch.

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